Album Highlighting

Album Highlighting is one of our bestsellers because of the affordable price and the awesome results artists are getting.

Buying this product, your wished album will be placed on our homepage in the “Highlighted Albums” section, where all our website visitors will be able to listen to your album directly from

We left on the right an example of how your album will be represented on the homepage, obviously with the image of your cover.

Your Artist Name Your Album Name

50,00 $

  • Estimated start time: 0-3h;
  • Acceptance rate: 79%;
  • Time the album will be on the homepage: 1 month.
  • The song can be rejected. In this scenario, you will be refunded instantly.
  • We can’t give an estimation of streams because it depends on the flow of visitors and how many albums are featured right now.
  • Our web player is directly connected to Spotify, meaning that each stream made here will count on your artist account!